Farm Wire Fencing and T-Post

Clarksville property owners have relied on Yard Dog Fence to install farm wire and t-post fencing in the Clarksville area for decades because we have the experience to get it done right!

Yard Dog Fencing has years of experience with installing dependable, quality farm fencing. Farm wire fences are typically wood and wire, and for large areas. T-Post and wire T-Post available with 4x4 galvanized wire, 12 gauge or woven.

Farm fencing is ideal for property lines and are common next to roads, separating parcels of land, animal containment, keeping out wildlife, and deterring trespassers.

Farm fencing is referred to by different names, including horse fence, cattle fence, EQIP fence, deer fence, and game fence. We do pasture fence and property line fence. Yard Dog Fencing offers the most durable and economical fences by choosing only the highest quality materials, such as custom treated (50% more treatment than standard) wood posts, High-Tensile, Class 3 galvanized wire products (that do not rust prematurely like Class 1 wires), and other high quality hardware. With our many years of experience we are able to offer careful workmanship to construct you top quality, good looking fences that will give you many years of service, with a minimum amount of maintenance.

If you are in the Clarksville or Middle Tennessee area, and are in need of some farm fencing by a reliable and affordable fence company in Tennessee, please think of us and giveus a call us today to discuss how we can help with you farm fence needs.

clarksville farm wire fence
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