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Ornamental aluminum fencing is not only beautiful, but built to last. When you choose and buy a fence for your Clarksville home, you need one that you can depend on. Whether you get one for security, for landscaping, for your dogs, or for property line marking, Yard Dog Fence's aluminum fencing combines the traditional style and flexibility with modern technology to provide long-lasting beauty and security in a high quality aluminum fence system.

Highest Grade Aluminum
Yard Dog Fence uses only Professional Residential Grade Material for our fences. Our aluminum fence provides not only lasting beauty but is a fence you can depend on for years. Ornamental aluminum is powder coated, has UV inhibitors, is maintenance free and has a lifetime warranty.

Fence Construction
Our aluminum fencing is perfect for any landscaping needs. With the countless styles and colors available, aluminum fencing is perfect for many Clarksville homeowners.


SAVINGS: Aluminum fencing is much lower in cost than traditional wrought iron fencing.
LOW MAINTENANCE: Aluminum fencing will not need to be painted every few years. Our aluminum fencing receives multiple protective coats when it is manufactured.
BEAUTY: Aluminum fencing looks great! It is available in multiple styles and many different colors.
NO RUST: Aluminum fencing does not rust like iron.
SECURITY: Aluminum fencing with spear topped pickets are much harder to breach and is a great deterrent against trespassers.
WARRANTY: Our aluminum fencing comes with a a lifetime manufacturers warranty.

It is worth noting that most HOA's require some type of ornamental aluminum fencing.

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